Prof. George M Williams

All Life is Sacred

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Kumu Glen Kila and Dr. George Williams coming back from a site inspection in Makaha Valley, Wai‘anae coast, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i
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Kupuna (elders) from Wai‘anae Wahipana after a long talk about Hawaiian values, especially the significance of Mauna Kea, with the Lt. Governor of Hawai‘i.
Prof. George M Williams

Work in Hawaii

Since retirement, Williams has worked with Kumu Glen Kila and has volunteered as the Ohana archivist for Kanenuiakea, the Indigenous Hawaiian faith and practice of the Waianae Coast.
Hanai-ed as Hawaiian, he has served in various offices on the Board of Koa Ike Foundation. Its purpose is to protect, promote, and work for the preservation of Hawaiian culture, especially its deep spiritual values.
Kanenuiakea has been recognized as an indigenous religion and has become a member of the world's oldest interfaith organization, the International Association for Religious Freedom.

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